A Mersey Killing

A Mersey Killing, Book one in the Mersey Mystery series

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An Amazon Australia Bestseller in British Literature

A skeleton and a missing woman. A doomed romance. A mystery spanning two generations.

Liverpool, 1961. A group of young men come together seeking fame and fortune, as the fledgling sounds of the Swinging Sixties take root in the city. Very soon, Liverpool becomes synonymous with the groups and music that shapes a generation.

Liverpool, 1999. Skeletal remains found in the docklands lead Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake into a journey through time, as the investigation takes them back to early days of the Mersey Beat.

Whose bones laid beneath the mud of the River Mersey for over thirty years, and what links them to a young woman, missing for the entire time?

Winner - Preditors & Editors Best Book Award.
Over 100 five-star reviews in Amazon and Goodreads.

All Saints, Murder on the Mersey

All Saints, Murder on the Mersey, book two in the Mersey Mystery series

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What connects bloody graveyard murders, a former mental asylum, a young girl’s suicide and an enigmatic priest?

The Liverpool murder investigation unit runs into a series of horrific murders. After the discovery of a body in the graveyard of St. Matthew’s Church, another corpse surfaces in St. Mark's churchyard.

Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake must lead their team in a race against time to prevent further atrocities, but what links the dead men with an old mental hospital, now an orphanage, and the scarcely reported suicide of a teenage girl?

Somehow, all clues point towards the enigmatic priest, Father Gerald Byrne, who recently returned to the city of his birth. Is it possible that the events that took place thirty years ago in Speke Hill Orphanage are connected to the murders?

A Mersey Maiden - Winner, The Best Book We've Read all Year 2018 Award, from Readfree.ly

A Mersey Maiden, Book three in the Mersey Mystery series

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A peaceful cricket match on a warm summer’s day turns to murder and mystery, as the star player Aaron Decker lies dead in his bed, his girlfriend sleeping soundly beside him.

The case takes on a new twist with links to the disappearance of a German U-Boat and a British warship in 1945. With the mysterious Aegis Institute hovering in the background of the investigation, D.I Andy Ross and his team find themselves in their most complex case to date.

With events in Britain, Germany, the U.S.A and a secret submarine base in Canada all involved, Ross and his team need to work together with international law enforcement agencies and a respected German historian to not only solve the murder of Aaron Decker, but the strange case of U3000's last voyage.

A Mersey Mariner

A Mersey Mariner, Book four in the Mersey Mystery series

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A peaceful cricket match on a warm summer’s day turns to murder and mystery, as the star player Aaron Decker lies dead in his bed, his girlfriend sleeping soundly beside him.

The case takes on a new twist with links to the disappearance of a German U-Boat and a British warship in 1945. With the mysterious Aegis Institute hovering in the background of the investigation, D.I Andy Ross and his team find themselves in their most complex case to date.

With events in Britain, Germany, the U.S.A and a secret submarine base in Canada all involved, Ross and his team need to work together with international law enforcement agencies and a respected German historian to not only solve the murder of Aaron Decker, but the strange case of U3000's last voyage.

A Very Mersey Murder - Placed 5th in the Top 50 Best Indie Book Awards, 2018, and Winner of the Best Mystery Novel Category

Winner, Best Mystery Novel in the 50 Best Indie Books 2018

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A Very Mersey Murder 
1966, on the day England celebrated winning the World Cup in a thrilling football match at Wembley Stadium, a young woman, walking home at night after finishing work as a barmaid in a local pub, is attacked and killed. Her body is found later that night by a dog walker, beside a lonely country lane. Her murder remains unsolved.
2004, another woman is murdered in the same location. The current investigation soon hits a dead end, but when similarities to the 1966 cold case are identified, D.I. Andy Ross and his Specialist Murder Investigation Team are called in to take over the case. 
Can there possibly be a link between two cases forty eight years apart?

Last Train to Lime Street

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In the sixth book in the series, the driver of a late night train feels a bang as his locomotive hits what turns out to be a severely mutilated corpse. But, did he really hit and kill the unidentified woman or was she killed elsewhere and her body thrown on to the track from a bridge over the railway? Certain aspects of the case lead to Ross and his team being called in. They soon find themselves involved in a case as strange as any they have previously investigated.

Sasha - International Bestseller, Award Winner

Sasha, International bestseller, award winner

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Available in Kindle and paperback editions and also FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


SEVEN times #1 Amazon UK bestseller.

SIX times #1 Amazon Australia bestseller.

TWO time #1 Amazon Italy bestseller.

Top ten bestseller in France, Canada and Germany.


Winner of The Preditors & Editors Readers Poll Award for Best Nonfiction Book 2016
Top ten finalist, The Best Indie Books of 2016

SASHA is the story of a very remarkable dog: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier abandoned close to death at the age of 6 weeks old. Rescued from a street gutter, she had the good fortune to be adopted by author Brian L. Porter and his family.

Despite suffering from a catalogue of injuries, including two broken legs and skin allergies, and eventually being diagnosed as a serious epileptic at just two years old, Sasha's story is one of triumph over adversity; of love, happiness and inspiration. Her love of life and capacity for enjoying every day to the fullest is nothing short of miraculous, and her story is told here by the person who shares every moment of her life on a daily basis, and how a disabled author and his dog have become dependent on each other.

It is a story that has already touched many who have come into contact with her, from vets to nurses and a whole host of followers on her own Facebook page. Read her story and join them in sharing in the life of an amazing and very special dog!

Sheba: From Hell to Happiness

Sheba: From Hell to Happiness, UK #1 bestseller

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Available in Kindle and paperback editions and FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK #1 bestseller

Sheba is the sequel to Brian L Porter's award-winning bestseller, Sasha, and tells the story of rescue dog Sheba, Sasha’s best friend, starved, beaten and used as bait for the training of fighting dogs and then thrown on a rubbish tip and left to die, a barely living skeleton.

The author and his wife adopted this unfortunate waif and so began a long period of recuperation and training, as they gradually helped Sheba back to full health and helped her to learn to live sociably and happily within their pack of rescue dogs.

A story of real triumph over adversity, full of emotion and a fair amount of humour too, Sheba’s is a real-life tale of what can be achieved in rehabilitating a dog, having suffered a living hell, from the brink of death to a life full of happiness.

See the Rescuedog series at http://viewbook.at/rescuedogs

Cassie's Tale - Winner of the Critters.org Best Nonfiction Book Award 2018, and Best Nonfiction Award in the Top 50 Best Indie Books, 2018

See the award-winning Cassie's Tale at CASSIE'S TALE


This is the story of Cassie: a rescue dog who was just over two years old when she joined Brian and Juliet’s family of rescues, having already had three previous owners in her short life. The tiny little terrier soon wormed her way into the hearts of the family, and her antics and oversized attitude quickly earned her the nicknames ‘The Mad Ferret’ and ‘The Wicked Witch of the West.’ Cassie can best be described as a ‘pocket dynamo’ or, as the author puts it, “She is filled with boundless energy, and despite being fourteen years old now, she’s like a Duracell bunny without an off switch.” Cassie has bounced back from operations, managed to get lost and found in one afternoon, chased away Rottweilers and Dobermans that have had the nerve to try and steal her tennis ball, and found herself being injured by interfering in larger dogs’ squabbles. People just can’t help falling in love with this tiny bundle of joy. Cassie’s Tale is the third book in Brian L. Porter’s series of rescue dogs, following on from the award-winning bestsellers, Sasha and Sheba: From Hell to Happiness.

After Armageddon, #1 Bestselling Short Story Collection

After Armageddon, #1 bestseller

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#1 Bestselling short story collection, UK and USA. 

The Italian language edition was a #1 bestseller in Italy on its day of release. See Translated books page.

A global nuclear holocaust. A vicious serial killer stalking the streets of Paris. A mystery in Mexico.

This collection from the award-winning novelist and screenwriter Brian L. Porter showcases some of his finest short stories. The title piece, After Armageddon, depicts an aftermath of a global nuclear holocaust, with a surprising twist in the tale. The Voice of Anton Bouchard, soon to be made into a motion picture by Thunderball Films, tells the chilling story of ‘The Butcher Beast’, a vicious serial killer who stalks the streets of Paris one long, hot summer. Take a journey inside the mind of a serial killer as ‘Anton Bouchard’ leaps from the pages to turn the streets of Paris red with the blood of his victims.

The Devil You Know takes us to Mexico, where police captain Juan Morales recounts his involvement in the case of a number of missing choirboys. The follow-up novel, Avenue of the Dead, is available for Kindle on Amazon. In Red Sky in the Morning, a nuclear submarine surfaces from a long and arduous patrol to find the sky has turned red, all communication channels are dead, and it appears the crew are all alone on the vast expanse of the ocean. R.I.G.S and Alien Abduction take the reader into the world of science fiction, while the world of the paranormal is featured in The Festival. These and many others are contained in this exciting collection, which also features a guest appearance by horror author Carole Gill, who contributes her short story, Raised.

"A superbly diverse cross-genre collection, highlighting an incredibly talented author."
-Mario Domina, CEO, Thunderball Films LLC-

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors, Victorian Murder Mystery

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While the population of fog-shrouded London is horrified by Jack the Ripper's murder spree, another, less publicized killer is at large.

Tucked away on the inner pages of daily press, a few articles tell of the strange murders on board the carriages of the London Metropolitan Railway. Each murder takes place right after the Ripper killings, as the murderer appears to be taking advantage of the lack of police resources to tackle two major investigations simultaneously.

Inspector Albert Norris is charged with bringing the railway killer to justice, but clues are few and the killer's motive unclear. Norris has to carry out his investigation 'quietly and without causing a public panic', as the authorities try to maintain confidence in the railway system's safety. The press knows even less, and Norris can count on little help from above as he attempts to solve the inexplicable series of murders.


Also available in Italian and Portuguese editions. See Translated Books page.

Avenue of the Dead

Avenue of the Dead

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#1 bestseller in Amazon Freestore during a one week promotion.

In the ancient, ruined city of Teotihuacan, mutilated bodies bear witness to the work of a serial killer.

After the tragic death of his brother, Detective Captain Juan Morales decides to take a well-deserved vacation. But as he stands at the Avenue of the Dead, staring at a corpse whose heart has been ripped out, he realizes this is not the peaceful retreat he had in mind.

Archeologist Sophia Kanakarides works on the site, and Morales is strongly drawn to her. As more gruesome murders surface, Sophia lends her expertise... and unwittingly falls into the hands of the killer.

Sharing Hamilton, (with Diana Rubino)

Sharing  Hamilton - Available in Kindle and paperback, (FREE on Kindle Unlimited)


 Philadelphia, 1791. James and Maria Reynolds are flat broke. Well aware of the attraction between his wife and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, James hatches a plan to blackmail Alexander and get rich - and sends Maria to seduce him.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Dr. Severus Black befriends the Hamiltons and becomes a close confidant of Alexander's wife, Eliza. While Mrs. Hamilton grows fond of the handsome doctor, she also senses something different about the debonair young man.

Meanwhile, a vicious serial killer is stalking the city by night. As Hamilton's affair with Maria runs headlong towards personal and professional catastrophe, the constables of Philadelphia draw a net around the apparently deranged killer of young serving girls.

But what connection could Dr. Black have with the murders, which a hundred years later would be mirrored in his own country... by none other than Jack the Ripper?

In 'Sharing Hamilton', historical romance author Diana Rubino and award-winning thriller writer Brian L. Porter uniquely blend the mystery and romance genres, based on the true story of the Hamilton affair with the added spice of a serial killer stalking the streets of USA's first capital city.

Of Aztecs and Conquistadors-#1 International bestseller.

Of Aztecs and Conquistadors

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Written under the author's pseudonym, Juan Pablo Jalisco, an international bestselling collection of truly romantic poetry, having topped the amazon rankings in the USA, UK and Canada.

'Of Aztecs and Conquistadors' is the definitive collection of Juan Pablo Jalisco's poetry. The selection featured within these pages will carry the reader on a journey not only through the vast beauty of the land that is Mexico, but also serves as a journey through the ages that have helped to shape this at times wild and rugged, but always romantic and awesomely beautiful country and its people.

Amazon #1 bestseller in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry
Amazon #1 bestseller in Native American Poetry

The Nemesis Cell, a chilling medical thriller

The Nemesis Cell

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#1 bestseller in Amazon freestore during one week free promotion.

A group of women gather at a fertility clinic where Dr. Margherita Dumas offers a revolutionary, experimental treatment for their infertility problems. A year later, each of them gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Thirty years later, a killer begins to wipe out the children born as a result of Dumas’ programme. Detective Inspector Harry Houston and his team are assigned to piece together the case and bring the killer to justice.

With time and clues in short supply, can Harry and his team find the link between events of the past and the deaths of the innocent progeny of Clinique Sobel?

Purple Death

Purple Death

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A series of shocking murders leads Detective Inspector Sean Connor and his team into a labyrinthine investigation, in which all roads lead towards a thirty-year-old unsolved murder.

The victims are dispatched using a unique poison previously associated with the notorious Borgia family. As the murders begin to multiply at an alarming rate, Connor finds clues hard to come by, and every lead takes him down yet another blind alley. The killer seems to be one step ahead of the police at every turn.

Together with his assistant, Sergeant Lucy Clay, they must piece together the shreds of evidence that will lead them to the mysterious Chocolate Woman, and in turn to the brain behind the horrific murders that soon come to be known as the Purple Death.

Kiss of Life - A modern vampire thriller

Kiss of Life, modern vampire fiction

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#1 bestseller in Amazon Free store during a one week free promotion.

Every night, Alan Dexter has the same dream: his former colleague Christina is seducing him when suddenly, two of her perfectly white teeth turn into fangs and tear into his flesh.

Dexter is always the skeptical journalist, but his feeling that Christina must be in danger only grows when he discovers she disappeared over two months ago in the mysterious Carpathian Mountains.

What evil still lurks in the heart of Transylvania?

Glastonbury - A very deadly treasure hunt


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Winner, the Preditors & Editors Readers Award for Best Mystery novel, 2010

Hidden in the shadows of Glastonbury Tor lies an ancient secret.

After millionaire Malcolm Capshaw hires Joe Cutler and his team to search for a fabled artifact, they enter a maze of lies, murder and betrayal. The real purpose of their search is soon exposed, as an old London crime family displays an unusual interest in an ancient town where Christianity laid its roots in England.

There, aided by the enigmatic professor Lucius Doberman, Joe and his team must solve the mystery of Glastonbury before the sinister historian Walter Graves makes the discovery that could cost him and the whole team their lives.

Italian language edition also available

Lest We Forget - #1 bestseller - Remembrance poetry

Lest We Forget

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#1 Amazon UK bestseller

In this poetry collection, Brian L. Porter will take you into the centre of the action. One minute you'll find yourself in the cockpit of a bomber, limping home from a raid over enemy territory, and the next in a dogfight during the Battle of Britain.

Author and screenwriter Brian L. Porter served with the RAF during the Cold War. Many of the works in this collection are based on the personal experiences of those who took part in the conflicts they depict; men and women who were pleased to relate those experiences to the author. You will experience the poignancy of his words, the simple message of Remembrance, the moving dignity of Polska, and the graphic horror of the concentration camps, as related in Holocaust.

“I am writing on behalf of all members of 617 squadron to thank you for your written tribute to “The Dambusters”. It is a wonderful piece, which for me captures the spirit and courage of the young men who played a part on that fateful raid”. Flight Lieutenant Richard Saunders, 617 Squadron RAF, speaking of “Apres Moi le Deluge”.

Pestilence -Breathe...if you dare!


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From award winning author Brian L Porter comes the thriller sensation of the year. ’Pestilence’ leads where others will follow in creating a scare-fest that will terrify, entertain and astound the reader.

Pestilence….breathe if you dare!

The year is 1958, the place, an idyllic village in the heart of the English countryside. Olney St. Mary has stood in its peaceful rural location for over 900 years. Suddenly however, the peace of the community is shattered when two teenage boys are stricken with a mystery illness. The newly arrived village doctor suspects ‘flu to be the cause of their malady. Her initial diagnosis is terribly and tragically wrong!

Before long, Doctor Hilary Newton and the residents of Olney are plunged into a nightmare of Biblical proportions as the death toll rises and no cure can be found for the disease that ravages the local population, despite the doctors employing the latest antibiotics available to them. Somehow, this plague is different! Help arrives in the form of a medical team from the outside, but the bodies continue to pile up. Someone, somewhere, perhaps within the community itself, knows the reason behind the pestilence that has struck at the heart of the village, but will the medics learn the truth before it’s too late, or will they too join the growing list of names that appear on the roll of death roll in Olney St. Mary?

When a mysterious explosion wreaks havoc in the children’s playground, followed by a second lethal blast in Olney’s makeshift field hospital the sinister and unbelievable truth behind the pestilence begins to slowly reveal itself.

Award-winning author Brian L Porter takes terror to a new dimension as an age old horror returns to nineteen fifties rural England. This time however, the pestilence itself appears to have evolved!


Three novels based on the crimes of Jack the Ripper

A Study in Red, The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper

A Study in Red

Buy here: http://getbook.at/studyinred

Winner of the Preditors & Editors Readers Award for Best Thriller, 2008.

A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper by Brian L Porter tells the story of Robert Cavendish, a modern day psychiatrist who is bequeathed a strange set of papers which purport to be the journal of the long-dead infamous Whitechapel Murderer whose crimes gripped the hearts and minds and instilled terror on the streets of Victorian London. As he begins to read the journal, Robert becomes convinced of it's authenticity and finds that the words of the Ripper have a strange and compelling effect on him. Unable to cast the pages aside he finds himself being drawn into the dark and sinister world of the killer until he is unable to distinguish what is fact and what is fantasy. In short, Robert Cavendish begins to feel as though he is being taken over in some way by the soul of the long-dead Ripper. What happens as he progresses through the journal will disturb and shock the reader as the close dividing line between sanity and madness is explored to the full.

Legacy of the Ripper - Book 2 of the trilogy

Legacy of the Ripper

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Jack Thomas Reid, nephew of Robert Cavendish who first appeared in A Study in Red – The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper languishes in the secure Ravenswood Psychiatric Hospital, sentenced to confinement ‘at Her Majesty’s Pleasure’ for a series of apparent ‘Jack the Ripper’ copycat killings in the picturesque English coastal resort of Brighton. Jack’s defence at his trial, that he is a descendant of Jack the Ripper and that the crimes were conducted by an unknown ‘mystery man’ and that Jack was drugged and made to appear as the killer was regarded as so preposterous and unbelievable that his sentence was never in doubt. When one of the policemen who conducted the original investigation into the murders begins to doubt the truth of the case against Reid, Sergeant Carl Wright and Ripperologist Alice Nickels begin an investigation into his story. What they find is told through the voice of Doctor Ruth Truman, Jack’s psychiatrist at Ravenswood, and through a series of events that take place as far afield as the beautiful island of Malta and in Warsaw, Poland. Slowly but surely and with the help of Wright’s boss Inspector Mike Holland, the link between the events that shocked and terrorised Whitechapel over a century ago, and their link with the case of Jack Thomas Reid and the ‘Legacy of Jack the Ripper’ is revealed. 

A Study in Red – The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper was the winner of The Preditors & Editors ‘Best Thriller Novel of 2008 Award’ and is available from Double Dragon Publishing, Amazon and all good retailers. 

Requiem for the Ripper - Book 3 of the trilogy

Requiem for the Ripper

Buy here:  http://getbook.at/requiem

Winner of the Preditors & Editors Readers Award for Best Thriller Novel, 2010.

Criminal psychologist David Hemswell receives a desperate call from a worried man. William Forbes, former solicitor to serial killer Jack Reid believes himself to be threatened by the living soul of the notorious Victorian enigma, Jack the Ripper. Convinced that Reid was a descendant of the Ripper and that the evil that first entered the current era through the inheritance of the Ripper’s journal by psychiatrist Robert Cavendish, Forbes turns to Hemswell as his last hope to free himself from the demons he believes are pursuing him. Forbes travels to Skerries Rock, David Hemswell’s private island home off the bleak, barren west coast of Cape Wrath, Scotland, where Hemswell soon realises that there is much about his visitor that is disquieting and frightening. Hemswell summons help in the form of paranormal investigator Kate Goddard, and together, the pair attempt to free Forbes of whatever strange phenomenon has assaulted his mind. As their investigation gathers pace, however, they soon begin to believe that the three of them are not alone on the tiny island. Has the soul of Jack the Ripper found a way to encroach upon the present day? Is William Forbes the living embodiment of The Ripper, or is he too a victim of the curse that appears to have been handed down across time by the unfortunate Cavendish family? As time begins to run out, and the danger surrounding them grows ever stronger by the second, David Hemswell must face his own demons and is faced with the most terrible decision of his life, as the story that began with A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper and continued in Legacy of the Ripper reaches its shattering and terrifying conclusion!


A Millionaire's Christmas - An alternative Christmas story

A Millionaire's Christmas

Buy here:  http://getbook.at/MilionaireChristmas 

A dying man and a sick young boy are about to experience the miracle of Christmas.

On a snowy Christmas Eve, Aristedes Miklos lies in his hospital bed, dying from an inoperable brain tumor. His mind takes him back to his youth and his life plays out before him in a string of mental cameos. Suddenly, the door to his hospital room opens and a strange doctor enters. When the doctor speaks to him, Aristedes is at first confused, then comforted by his words. Soon they are joined by a young boy who is dying, like him. Before he can find out more, the doctor and the boy are gone, and Aristedes is left with nothing but their memory.

When everyone at the hospital later denies the existence of the strange doctor, Aristedes begins to realize that he has been cast to play a very special role in the life of young Christos. For one dying man and a very sick young boy, the miracle of Christmas is about to unfold.

Wolf - Bestselling Young Adult Fiction and Educational

Wolf by Harry Porter

Buy here:  http://viewbook.at/wolf-harryporter

Amazon UK #1 bestseller

Short Fiction (Written as Harry Porter, 28 pages)

Bestselling author Harry Porter brings to life a tense and uplifting story of one man's fight against the elements in his short thriller, Wolf, written for adults and teens alike.

"As his eyes opened and began to focus, he realised that the tongue and the breath belonged to the old wolf. Warren froze, not from the cold, but from fear! Hardly daring to breathe and certainly afraid to move, he looked into the eyes of the wolf, who now stood looking back at Warren intently."

As the first snows of winter begin to fall, Warren and Emma awake one morning to find that two chickens have disappeared from the hen house outside their cabin in the woods. Emma is convinced a wolf is responsible, pointing out a set of tracks to Warren. Warren sees something strange in the tracks but, donning his warmest cothes, he takes his rifle and ventures out into the cold morning in search of the predator.

As the weather grows ever colder and the snow falls heavier with each passing minute, Warren soon finds himself pittted against the elements as well as the as yet unseen chicken killer. What happens during the next few hours will change many of Warrens's preconceptions and result in his undergoing a life-changing experience, as he pits his wits and his strength against the previously unseen enemy, the wolf!

Entertaining and Educational
Includes an informative section on the state of the wolf as a worldwide endangered species, making the book a valuable source of information as well as a great story for all ages.

Alistair the Alligator -#1 Bestseller, as Harry Porter with Sharon Lewis

Alistair the Alligator

Buy here:  http://getbook.at/alistair 

Amazon UK #1 Bestseller, For early readers.

Alistair the Alligator is a delightful and charming story for pre-school children and early readers.

Written in a simple rhyming format by award-winning author Harry Porter (Best Children's Book, 2009, The Preditors and Editors Readers Awards), and beautifully brought to life in pictures by the talented Sharon Lewis.

This new, second edition of the book tells the story of Alistair, a young alligator who has the misfortune to be missing any teeth, and cannot find anything he can eat. Whatever he tries to eat simply escapes from his jaws. See how he solves the problem in this amusing and captivating story. Children will love him!

Charlie the Caterpillar, as Harry Porter with Bonnie Pelton

Charlie the Caterpillar

Buy here:  http://getbook.at/CHARLIECATERPILLAR

Amazon UK #1 bestseller. For early readers.

A book for early readers, Charlie The Caterpillar tells the fascinating and informative story of Charlie's transformation. Illustrations by Bonnie Pelton.

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