Will the real Brian L Porter please stand up?

The author

The Books
Award-winning, bestselling author, Brian L Porter boasts the distinction of having authored bestsellers under three different names. The majority of his successs have been achieved under his own name, with his children's books carrying the Harry Porter name and his collection of roamantic poetry coming under the pseudonym of Juan Pable Jalisco. 
He has a long list of awards to his name and his works are as diverse a his highly successful Mersey Mystery series, with  over 100,000 sales to date, to his multi award-winning dog rescue boks.
When not writing his books, he and his wife, Juliet, are involved in their dog rescue passion, cnad currnetly share their home and their lives with 11 rescue dogs, all of whom will eventually appear in his series.
He is a firmer member of the Royal Air Force, and took up his pen to become a writer after being struck down by illness that curtailed his subsequent career in business.
For the full list of Brian L. Porter’s books, including his pre-Creativia days, see his Amazon author page at http://viewauthor.at/brianlporter
Or for his Harry Porter titles,   http://viewauthor.at/HarryPorter
Juan Pablo Jalisco’s Of Aztecs & Conquistadors is at http://viewbook.at/Aztecs-Conquistadors
See his Facebook page (as Harry Porter) at https://www.facebook.com/harry.porter.12139862
And find Sasha’s own Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/270003923193039/
Brian also has a blog: Sasha and Harry, Books, Dogs and Stuff at http://sashaandharry.blogspot.co.uk/

Reviews & Resources

Beta reader, editor, reseracher

Meet Debbie Poole, Brian's dedicated beta reader, editor and more recently, researcher. Debbie a native of Liverpool, offered her services as a beta reader , having read A Mersey Killing. She loved the book but found a few typos in the finished book and contacted Brian, offering her services for any future books. Errors corrected, the new team pressed on with All Saints, forging a close working relationship that has since gone from strength the strength. Debbie reads, and offers editorial advice on the books. As she lives in Liverpool she has been able to give sound advice on the more modern aspects of the city, which has changed a great deal since the author's childhood, with many places, streets and buildings having disappeared or drastically changed through the years. Thus she is able to ensure the locales, and other details in the books are as accurate and up to date as possible.

In a logical progression from her editorial and advisory roles, Debbie most recently offered (A real glutton for punishment is Debbie), her services as a researcher in order to help with the next two books in the series, A Very Mersey Murder and Last Train to Lime Street. As a result her two most recent assignments have seen her carrying out a day of arduous research in the pubs near to Merseyside Police Headquarters, and also driving around the city of Liverpool, taking photgraphs of railway lines and bridges, and the undegrowth that springs up beside the tracks, seeking the perfect site for a body dump site. 

Imagine if she'd been approached by a police officer whilst hanging over the parapet of a railway bridge, camera in hand.

Officer: "Excuse me madam. Please can you tell what you're doing, hanging over that bridge with a camera in your hand?"

Debbie: "Well yes, officer. Actually, I'm just looking for a good location to dump a body. Anything else you'd like to know?"

Seriously though, Debbie is an important part of the team, and her efforts are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated by the author.

The publisher

Miika Hannila CEO, Creativia Publishing

From the CEO

Creativia was founded in Finland by Miika Hannila in 2012. Today, we are a fully remote team based in the US, Australia, Finland and India. Our community-oriented, results-driven approach to publishing is reflected in our high author happiness and strong sales record.

What we've achieved

  • #1 Bestsellers in all major Amazon categories (Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Westerns, Nonfiction)
  • Book translations to 9 foreign languages
  • Featured in high-profile newsletters such as BookBub and eReader News Today
  • Average reviews of 4.2 - 4.3 stars in Amazon marketplaces
  • Official BookBub Partner
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