A selection of reviews of the author's works

With over 500 reviews over the years, it would be impractical to reproduce them all here, so here instead is a sample of some of the best reviews received for Brian's books.

Sasha-International bestseller, award winner, an iconic dog

With over 300 worldwide 5 star reviews on Amazon it was difficult to pick out one to represent them all. I decided to instead include a few of the review headlines which sum up the general view of those who've read and enjoyed Sasha's incredible story.

" Lovely book for all dog lovers" - Bev Daniel

"Fantastic read" - Luke

"A must read book for true animal lovers" - Sam

"Awesome book" - Keisha

Sheba - UK bestseller

" Heart-wrenhing to heart-warming" - Diana Rubino

"Fantastic book by a first-clas author. Highly recommended" - Amazon customer

"This is a great read, not just for dog lovers" - Mr Terry Nichols

A Mersey Killing -Mersey mysteries book 1

" A Mersey Killing is fab!" - John Gill

And the book is best summed up by this wonderful review from a former Merseyside detective!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

To use the vernacular of 1960's Liverpool, this book by author Brian L. Porter was fab, gear and sound! I believe these days Scousers would also call it boss!
As a former detective who served on Merseyside in the 1960's I simply delighted in this novel. My enjoyment was heightened even more so owing to my long-ago teenage memories growing up in Huyton who used to "sag" off school to attend Cavern lunch time sessions at the height of the Mersey Beat days. This book has those days as a back drop to the tale of murder, intrigue, suspense and Porter deftly weaves his work bridging three decades in the telling of the tale.
The characters are real. The author clearly has Merseyside roots and accurately depicts the city of Liverpool, its folk, geography, the old docks and the terraced houses.

As a former detective, I found Detective Inspector Andy Ross and his sidekick "Izzie" to be entirely credible. I felt I knew them from my past. The way the cold case investigation unfolds is also a credit to the author and so realistic. He even includes a little internal police politics to add an authentic feel to the proceedings.
Porter has a feel for real people. It comes through in all his characters particularly Connie, the God-fearing long-suffering wife of James, the bigoted Irishman. There are brief references to sectarianism in the "old days" in Liverpool but with respect to the author it is down played and contains, for example, no reference to the Orange Lodge parades, an annual event in the city often the source of flare-ups between Catholics and Protestants. Notwithstanding that, the author does a fine job of portraying an authentic "feel" to the times in the city.
Porter is a master at using dialogue to tell his story. He allows the characters to live, breathe and inform.
All in all I found this novel thoroughly enjoyable, easy to read and it has its element of surprises to keep the reader guessing.
A final word - you don't have to have Liverpool connections to enjoy this book. It stands alone as a very good piece of writing and is highly recommended reading.
Just off to order Book 2 in the 'Mersey Killing' series! Well done, Brian, and thanks for the good read.


All Saints, Murder on the Mersey - Mersey mysteries book 2

All Saints - 'The graveyard murders!'

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Yet another of Brian's books deserving of 5 stars .
A thoroughly spinechilling account of revenge killings
of a brutal gang .
Captivatingly enthralling from start to finish another I
was unable to put down till finished .
A very sad if captivating storyline .
Brilliant loved it .

A Mersey Maiden - Mersey Mysteries, book 3

Format: Kindle Edition
A Mersey Maiden, third in Mr. Porter’s Mersey Mystery
series, takes the series up yet another notch, each
book surpassing the previous ones. In this, the action
begins peacefully enough at a university cricket match,
but when the star player is later found dead in his bed,
it opens up a bizarre case that sees D.I. Andy Ross
and Sergeant Izzie Drake exploring events that took
place over half a century earlier. How on earth could
the death of a student cricketer in the twenty first
century be linked to the mysterious disappearance of a
British corvette and a top secret German Submarine
during World War Two? This is Porter’s most complex
mystery to date, and yet once the pieces are put
together, it all makes perfect sense. The action swings
from the streets of Liverpool to the English Channel as
Ross links up with the Devon and Cornwall Police, to
the world of European Finance and a top secret
submarine base in Canada. In the flashback scenes to
World War Two, the author’s descriptions of life aboard
a Nazi submarine being hunted by an anti-submarine
corvette and of the men on board the corvette,
permanently wet tired and hungry, is superbly emotive
tension filled and realistic. I could almost see the
action taking place as it unfolded in my mind.
Definitely a five star read.

Behind Closed Doors - A Victorian murder/mystery

Behind Closed Doors-Murder on the underground

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Having read a few books by this author, I was drawn
into this novel just as much as the others.
Brian L. Porter is a master at creating atmosphere &
setting the scene in whichever era he writes about
and this Victorian detective story is a real treasure.
The storyline runs through a time when Jack the
Ripper trod the streets of London, picking out his
unfortunate victims & these facts are never far from
one's mind as we are led into a murder investigation
by Inspector Norris and his team. I do hope that there
are more 'Norris' stories in the future as this loveable
detective has not only put a smile on my face but kept
me gripped from first to last page. Excellent.

Purple Death

Purple Death - Beware the Chocolate Woman

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Detective Inspector Sean Connor and his team have a
big problem. In the quiet, suburban borough of
Richmond-On-Thames, a murder has been committed,
and soon, other victims are falling fast. However,
finding a suspect and a motive are proving to be
somewhat elusive. Geographically, it doesn't seem to
make any sense. Clues are few and far between, until
by chance, they discover that all the victims are linked
by way of their demise, and a perplexing character
they call 'The Chocolate Woman' who they believe
may also be involved. Their investigations lead them
to suspect that these murders could also be
connected to a murder, that happened thirty years
ago. But their attempts to uncover the mystery, and
reveal the killers name, are thwarted with each new
lead. When D.I Connors' final piece of the jigsaw
falls into place, his ultimate theory seems so unlikely,
that it will either make - or break his professional
career. Dare he risk everything and follow his

The Nemesis Cell-International conspiracy and murder

Now available in Spanish edition too!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Doctor Margherita Dumas is a leading light in the study of infertility. After years of research, she offers hope to young ladies unable to conceive naturally, by way of an experimental treatment programme. Six women from different parts of the world are carefully chosen, and invited to take part in these trials. Soon after, they arrive at the Clinique Sobel in Brussels and check in. Once there, the women find there are certain conditions which must be adhered to, and must not be broken under any circumstances. Each woman, desperate to have a child agrees, and signs up to the programme. The following year, all the ladies give birth to fine, healthy baby boys - or are they? Almost thirty years later, a string of seemingly 'tragic' accidents occur which, although not known at the time, are connected to the boys. Soon, it is the young men who meet their demise. Coincidence? The clues are few and far between, but eventually, the trail will lead to Brussels and the Clinique Sobel. It takes the skills of a young Scottish policeman, Detective Inspector Harry Houston and his team, to try and make sense of the facts, and establish a link between the slayings. Finally, to secure justice for the heartbroken families, they must unravel an unscrupulous web of deceit, exploitation and shameful secrets. Only then will they find the answer to The Nemesis Cell.

Glastonbury - Also in Italian translated version

on 25 October 2015
Over the years I have read countless books. Many
were good, enjoyable and some not so good. But
every now and then I find a book that joins the elite
list of one of the best books I have read. For me,
Glastonbury is one such book. It's brilliant. From start
to finish I was enthralled by the story. I look forward to
reading more of this authors work.

Avenue of the Dead - La Avenida de los muertos

Avenue of the Dead

Available in English and Spanish editions.

on 22 December 2016
Another fantastic book by a successful author. This is
the first book set in Mexico I have ever read, so the
location was unusual, but the story was as gripping as
expected from Mr Porter. It includes an intriguing hero
in Captain Morales, love interest with Sophia
Kanaikarides, archaeology and human sacrifice. I have
a passing interest in archaeology and ancient cultures,
so that helped peak my interest as well. The title
reflects the ancient civilisation, the climax is worth
waiting for and the details appear authentic. An easy
five stars here!

Kiss of Life - Vampires with a difference.

on 14 July 2014
A fast-paced read, and again shows why Brian L.
Porter is a force to be known to the world with a writing
style that is truly in a class of his own. His unique blend
of facts, based on diligent research, his foundation of
knowing how to write and develop compelling
characters, set scenes and move the story forward to
a climatic ending are all the reasons this amazing
book will be made into a movie by my company-
and it will leave you asking...Do Vampires Really Exist?

This is a MUST READ if you love this genre of story
- and if not, certainly, buying this book to add to your
collection will make you a fan not only of the story, but
of all Brian L. Porter's work.

After Armageddon-Best selling short story collection

With guest story from Carole Gill

This Amazon #1 bestselling short  story collection not only topped the raankings in the UK and USA, but on the first day of it's release in the Italian translated , edition, went straight to #1 in Italy too.

Format: Kindle Edition
If you read a lot of books from one author to you tire
of his or her mode of writing. If it is Brian L. (Harry)
Porter I don't think that is possible. This is another
five star review for the reason that this book, an
anthology of short stories, is brilliant. The last of these
stories is by Carole Gill who is also a wonderfully
talented author.
Okay, you say, why five stars? Well the first part of my
response is the writing, the content, the characters,
the tales, the usage of language, the means of
creating a scene or scenario, all the tricks that writers
use are so well done in these stories that they
deserve five stars. The second part of my response is
simply that the stories are great.
I will tell you a little of three of the many stories in the
book. Toxic Bitch is the first I mention. If this one
doesn't scare the living hell out of you then you are
the bravest person alive. The second story I will
mention is one written in substantial part about the
author himself and his joyful episodes of swimming
with dolphins. God how I envy him doing that and
wish that I could do it as well. The third is a mystery
story called The Significance of Cherries. Have you
ever owned a dog that took you to see something,
was insistent that you needed to come with him or her
to a spot, or responded to another person positively or
negatively in a very surprising fashion. If so you will
get this story and love it.
Brian L. Porter is an excellent writer. His short stories
are fleshed out enough even though relatively short,
to be believable, to be enjoyable and to merit five
stars. Thanks Harry. You have done it for me again.
Very enjoyable reading.

A Millionaire's Christmas - Short story ebook

on 5 January 2015
As a millionaire with an inoperable brian tumour lies
dying in his hospital bed, his life is about to take a
different direction after he is visited on Christmas Eve
by a mysterious stranger. Aristedes Miklos seems to
have everything money can buy, except what he really
needs. As this lonely and empty man awaits his
inevitable death, he is flooded with memories of his
childhood when he was truly happy. What follows is a
heart warming story which really makes you consider
the true meaning of Christmas, and shows that a
simple act of human kindness and selflessness can
change your life forever. This uplifting short story has
a resounding Christmas message of hope, faith and
benevolence. In a world full of self obsession, greed
and apathy, it is so nice to read a story which evokes
the true spirit of Christmas.

A Study in Red -The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper

Book one of the Ripper trilogy

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Wow being an avid history lover and read the story of
Jack the Ripper on various occaisions . Absoloutley
worth 5 stars .
I have never read anything like this one what a brilliant
twist on the actual ripper murders .
Truly spooky tale from start to finish unable to put
down read in a day and looking forward to reading
books 2 and 3 of the trilogy .
Spinechilling tale of a family receiving the Journal of
the Ripper murders on the death of the head of the
families . Excellent story yet again very worthy of its
5 stars . Book 2 here i come . X

Legacy of the Ripper, Book 2 of the trilogy

on 22 October 2009
Hot on the heels of "A Study in Red- The Secret
Journal of Jack the Ripper" comes another gripping
tale of suspense and intrigue. The tale begins with
Jack Reid, an inmate at a psychiatric hospital, and
features twists, turns and some of the most gruesome
descriptions of murder and mutilation, including a
nightmare inducing ear biting scene that will leave the
reader wanting to find out more about the mysterious
Jack Reid. This is a must for anyone who loves
gripping crime thrillers!

Requiem for the Ripper, the trilogy concludes.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
An enormously spinechilling final book of the trilogy
series .
Another 5 stars in this series of books and well worth
it .
Scared myself numerous times reading it everytime
the dogs moved had me looking round at each noise .
Brilliant supernatural finish to the series .
Each book in series got better .excellent climax in
final one dealing with evil entity .
Loved the entire series .

Lest we Forget - Wonderfully moving rememberance poetry

on 3 October 2014
I have read and enjoyed quite a few books now by
this tremendous writer, but this Anthology of
Remembrance is a very special book indeed. Having
a close family link to WW2, I was immediately drawn
to this book of poetry and I found it to be deeply
moving. In fact I do not feel ashamed to admit that my
eyes welled up with tears whilst reading this exquisite
collection of heartbreaking poetry. I like many others
wear my poppy with great pride, and I will never forget
the great sacrifices that these men and women gave
for the freedom that we enjoy today. None of us must
ever forget what has gone before, and although it is
terribly difficult to read about the atrocities of war, this
amazing writer has encapsulated it beautifully, and in
such a way as to remain in the reader's soul forever.
Please go and read this book, for it is simply a

Of Aztecs & Conquistadors, Bestselling Romantic Poetry

A bestseller in the UK, USA and Canada, written as Juan Pablo Jalisco.

on 6 February 2015
There is so much feeling packed into this book of
poetry. Aside from the beauty of the prose, there are
images offered by the poet that engage and touch the
heart. A man writing about the love he feels for his
wife is very moving. As are the others. It seems these
poems come from another time and place, told by
someone with a unique ability to move the human

Aside from discovering Trotsky resided in a palace in
Mexico, I discovered what I would describe as a
glimpse into the soul of Mexico.
There is history too, from Ancient Aztecs to
Revolution. And there is a plea not to destroy the
planet, very well said!

Soldiers sacrificing their lives for their country – all
things are considered from love to death, it’s all there.
That is what this collection is all about, it is about life,
love—sacrifice, wisdom and love. The words
expressed are to treasure and contemplate.
I really enjoyed reading it.


Wolf -Kids/Young adult- UK #1 Bestseller

on 27 February 2017
Started reading this book and never realised how
many species of Wolf they where. So learned
something new.
The story showed how a father wolf helped his family
even though he was injured . It fetched a tear to my
eye. Wont say anymore don't want to spoil the story
for other readers,

Alistair the Alligator - #1 UK Bestseller

How do you feed a toothless alligator?

Pre-school/early readers just love the rhyming story of Alistair, the alligator with no teeth. How can he eat? What can he eat? The book carries a useful educational theme about friendships as Alistair discovers his salvation through a most unexpected friendship.




Format: Paperback
This story is a lovely story for children who live in
Florida. Alligators are a natural part of their
environment and they are able to refer to Alistair as
their own. The illustrations are very vibrant in color
and hold a pre-schooler's attention. As a Pre-school
Teacher, the story gave me an opportunity to talk
about friendship and nutrition, as well as highlighting
the rhyming words. You know it is a favorite when
they say, "Read it again!"

Charlie the Caterpillar- UK #1 Bestseller

Another pre-school/esrly readers bestseller. Charlie the Caterpillar is busily munching on his favourite leaves whn a burrefly hovers nearby and gives him some news he can scarcely believe. Another fun, rhymong educational tale as pre-school/early readers are taught how the wriggly little caterpillar is transformed into a beautiful butterfly.




on 29 September 2015
Charlie the Caterpillar follows in similar vein to Harry
Porter's Alistair the Alligator, a great fun story for
younger children with an educational message too, as
children learn how the caterpillar changes into a
beautiful butterfly. This time illustrated by U.S wildlife
photographer and cartoonist Bonnie Pelton, and told in
simple rhyming format, this is excellent reading for kids
and parents alike.


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