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Originally intended for publication by Creativia who have sadly decided not to continue publishing children's books, Hazel the Honeybee, beautifully illustrated by US Wildlife photographer and cartoonist, Bonnie Pelton, was inspired by the Harry Porter's concerns about the plight of the bee, which is sadly under threat all over the world. What man people don't understand is that the humble bee is vital for the continued survival for our planet. Without bees, flowers, and plants would be unable to propogate, and would cease to help create our life giving atmosphere. Gradually, as plant life dies out, so the animals that depend on them also die out, as will the predators and so on. Get the picture?

As this is such an important issue, the author and illustrator have decided to make the book available FREE in PDF format in an effort to educate our children about the plight of the bees before it's too late. 

Whether you are a parent wnating a fun read for your children, or an organisation fighting to save the bees of the world, all you need to do to get a copy of the book is to send a request, including your email address, using the contact box at the bottom of this page. 

Your copy of Hazel the Honeybee, Saving the World, will be sent at the earliest opportunity. 

If you en joy it, please send a review, also using the contact box, for use in helping to publicise the book.

Here's a review from author Carole Gill, one of the first to read and review Hazel.

Read the lovely book HAZEL THE HONEYBEE, Saving the World, and I just loved it. Here's a review: This children’s story is written in delightful rhyme. It’s about a honeybee called Hazel and it’s a wonderful story. What I really loved about it was, that it’s an educational story. Not all children’s stories are, but this is. There’s interesting information that is incorporated in the delightful prose. So, children won’t just enjoy the story, they’ll be learning something! What better reason than that for a children’s book?.

Carole Gill

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